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I have a message board on Yahoo called "The Transcendental Police Box". If you want to check it out please click on the TARDIS below.


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Talk about whatever you like, hate and are indifferent to in Doctor Who. Chat about your favourite Doctor, companion, villian, writer, episode, book, audio adventure and whatever else your hearts desire.

My rule: Try to keep it clean as you can. I'm not sure if Yahoo tolerates vulgarities and I don't want to test their patience. Treat one another with respect. Do not call someone an "F"ing idiot just because you don't agree with someone's opinion or you will be dealt with severely. And I will not tolerate elitist fans who feel just because you don't know every bit of triva or a certain aspect of Doctor Who you are not a fan. That just annoys me and if you are of that mind set kindly go somewhere else.

With that out of the way, become a member, meet other fans and just have fun!!

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